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Kristopher Knox of wrote an article singling out the most disappointing player on each NFL team roster.

Two interesting points worth mentioning to Cows fans:

1. Paxton Lynch made the cover of this article.

Jerry Jones really lucked out when he couldn’t trade up fast enough to draft him. That’s the second near-catastrophic miss Jerry’s had on a quarterback this decade. Had the Cowboys successfully traded picks and selected Paxton Lynch, there would be no Dak Prescott.

Let’s follow the chain of events that likely would follow. We know now two seasons later that Paxton Lynch is still not yet qualified to start for an NFL franchise.  Which that while the Cowboys may have started Paxton Lynch after the last Tony Romo and Kellen Moore injuries, Romo would definitely have returned late in the season to regain his starting position. With Romo, Lynch, and Rush as the Cowboys options at quarterback, Tony Romo probably returns as starting QB for the 2017-18 season.

But how long would he have been healthy? Could Romo last an entire season? Would Romo have FINALLY led the Cows to a Super Bowl? Would Dallas be forced to find a veteran backup elsewhere as Romo insurance?

We’ll never know. But it sure would have been fun to see what a healthy Romo could do with Witten, Zeke, and Dez.

2. Chaz Green nominated most disappointing Cowboy

Noted as the biggest disappointment on the current Cows roster. Per Kristopher Knox:

“Dallas selected the Florida product in the third round of the 2015 draft. While he has been pushed down the depth chart by more talented players, Green has received his opportunities. He appeared in 14 games last season and even made four starts—with one of them being a complete disaster.

Green surrendered four sacks to Adrian Clayborn while filling in at tackle against the Falcons.”

Cows fans remember that Falcons game and cringe. It was the worst left tackle play I’ve seen in my lifetime.

Let’s hope that Tyron Smith stays healthy until Dallas can develop another starting tackle.