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Blogging and tweeting and moderating fan groups since 2006, Daniel talks Dallas sports wherever he goes. Now on his fourth iteration of a sports fansite, Daniel loves bringing fans together to speculate trades, draft picks, free agents, and what ifs.

Most Disappointing Player On Cowboys’ Roster

Kristopher Knox of wrote an article singling out the most disappointing player on each NFL team roster. Two interesting points worth mentioning to Cows fans: 1. Paxton Lynch made the cover of this article. Jerry Jones really lucked out when he couldn’t trade up fast enough to draft him. That’s the second near-catastrophic miss Jerry’s had on a quarterback this...

If Sacramento Destroys My Hopes And Dreams

Sam Amick of USA Today tweeted a bombshell Thursday morning, There’s a very real chance the Kings would take Michael Porter Jr. at No. 2, but it’s unclear how the canceling of the Friday workout in Chicago might impact the process. They want more intel on medical and another look. Teams are being told that the workout will be rescheduled. — Sam Amick (@sam_amick) June 14, 2018 Before you chalk...

Top 5 NBA Draft Prospects For Dallas in 2018

Mavs fans suffered through the NBA playoffs while waiting anxiously for the 2018 NBA Draft. The LeBron vs the Warriors saga has jumped the shark and the conclusion surprised absolutely no one. Let’s pass on the inevitable LeBron destination debates and talk NBA draft prospects for the Dallas Mavericks. We’re goingn to avoid the Trae Young and Wendell Carter crazy talk. Unless Porter Jr.’s...

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